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 About Us and Our Services

Survplan Pty Ltd specialises in Contour & Detail Surveys for architectural design (building and extensions), landscape design and engineering design to support development applications to council.

Contour and Detail Surveys

Our plans are highly detailed for design purposes, whether it be for architectural design, landscape design or for subdivision design, used to support development applications to council. This survey could also indicate how much site work needs to be carried out.

Floor Plans and Elevations

We supply accurate floor plans for architectural design, renovations and fit outs. This includes residential and commercial properties. We also supply floor plans for marketing purposes for example real-estate advertisements. 


Defining positions of boundaries and placing marks for fencing purposes. 


Small scale setout of new homes and additions including pools, decks and extensions. 

Customised Surveys for Architects

Ask us how we can tailor a survey to your needs, including drawing in your ctb settings, pen styles and colours. 

Survplan uses the latest technology and techniques to guarantee your high quality survey and plan will be delivered with precision, accuracy and in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

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